Paw Slippers Green Monster

Paw Slippers Green Monster

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If Monster Paw Slippers are lurking in your closet, your feet are ready for fun! Monster claw slippers are fuzzy and green—just the right shade for dragons, dinosaurs, and monster feet large and small. Thick and plushy fur is a warm defense against shivers and chills, and fearsome claws keep ‘boring’ at bay! When it’s time to stomp like you’re from a swamp, monster foot slippers are so much fun, they’re scary.They're fuzzy, they're wuzzy, and they're perfect for stomping around your den! We're talking about Paw Slippers - furry foot fashion for the whole family. Available in four colors and unbelievably soft, these slippers are a must-have for tired, tromping toes, large and small. So when life gets a little crazy.. paws for a moment and tap into your wild side! 
Sizes: X-Small (5-8 Kids), Small (9-11 Kids), Medium (13-3 Kids), Large (5-7 Adult), X-Large (8-11 Adult)

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