About Us

Oh what a life I think i have. My only child grown. Time for me now. Nice vacations, wonderful restaurants. How could life get any better. BUT WAIT! WHAT IS THIS!!!? He calls me grammy and i call him punkin pooh. Life's a wonderful circle. I've fallen in love all over again. We eat animal crackers and drink milk. we go to the park to feed the ducks. In bed by 10:00 up by 6:00. OH WHAT A WONDERFUL LIFE!!! he calls me grammy i call him punkin pooh. Papa calls him booger bear. Who needs to sleep in, have nice vacations and eat at foo foo restaurants. Not me.
Hi, my name is Gay Martin and I've been sewing for 40+ yrs. I'm a stay at home grammy and couldn't be happier. Sewing and selling my clothes allows me to be a SAHG.